Hiring Teachers for 2015-16: Renaissance Charter High School for Innovation

The Renaissance Charter HS for Innovation (“Innovation”) is seeking experienced instructors who want to join our staff and work in our highly collaborative school environment. Located on 100th Street and First Avenue in Manhattan, Innovation is dedicated to serving the youth of East Harlem in NYC’s Community School District 4.

Our school demographics include a high number of students in poverty, English Language Learners and students with disabilities/IEPs.  Despite these challenges and barriers, our student body is made up of students with great potential, many of whom are already modeling leadership and innovation.

As a charter school, Innovation has the autonomy to effectively serve our at-risk population using our professional judgement and expertise as well as by focusing on teacher empowerment and parental engagement. Some important aspects of our instructional culture include:

  • An integrated co-teaching model to serve students at all levels of ability. All core academic teachers work in a cluster of two or three instructors and teach their classes within this team-teaching context.

  • Common planning times and daily teacher-driven professional development sessions via Innovation’s Professional Learning Communities

  • Data analysis and student support discussions between instructors that allows us the ability to communicate and collaborate effectively as a school staff